Choosing the blueprint for our technology

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At the moment we have low expectations of our technology. Not of its abilities but our belief that the only way for it to work is at the cost of so much.

The new sciences, which provide the common framework of understanding around the studies of water, healing, alternative and free energy and all of life as energy and information field phenomena, point consistently to a different aim and allow different blueprints to be designed. Following are two of many possible examples.

Several ways exist now to measure the effects of our usual technology’s EMF (electromagnetic frequency) fields on humans and other organisms. From studies conducted on water, for example, EMF fields, which positively ionise the water, cause all physical particles, such as calcium, to clump together. Water literally becomes tense and limescale forms.

When the water has a negative charge, such as after it has been structured and energised, the physical bits separate in solution and sink out due to the water’s lack of tension. Limescale dissolves. Also produced around every structuring event is a coherent, life supporting field which, in addition, holds away the negative field effect of EMF from that environment.

Dr Ibrahim Karim’s work on Biogeometry provides more insights. An Egyptian and a highly accomplished architect, he has explored geometry and its effect on life. Results of applying his extremely precise and intricate technology can be remarkable. Like other new devices, these are not powered but passive.

He has been able to consistently reconfigure the fields carried and shared by electrical devices, including even a small town in Switzerland where the cows were ill, the migrating birds didn’t return and the people were unhappy enough to demand the electricity pylons be removed. The result was Dr Karim being employed and within days of his work installing devices everything had changed. As an old lady remarked on Swiss TV regarding “the Haamburg Miracle”—you can’t argue with the birds.

Dr Karim is also active in introducing buildings that can alleviate the symptoms of many forms of mental illness, learning difficulty or disturbance and allow anyone to feel centred, clear, grounded and at home.

Our technological responsibility extends to the fields we produce. Pollution and noise are obvious, but we are now able to embrace what new, subtler sciences are telling us, or maybe confirming is a better word. The spoor of technology marks all realms within our world. We do not have to continue to design it in the way that we do. There already exist the technologies and know-how to power, feed and water our world in ways that are not just less damaging but actually restorative.

In the meantime, we also know that we do not have to remake all of the technology in order to bring a beneficial nature back to the world we’ve made. The work of Dr Karim, Clayton Nolte, Viktor Schauberger and many more researchers and pioneers show us that we can apply remedy and that each remedy is the remaking. For instance, everywhere that water is structured is a new place where nature’s blueprint is restored. The field effect of the living blueprint being restored reaches other water (really all other hydrogen) around the unit for 1000 feet in every direction.

The phrase utopian is often accusingly flung at even individual suggestions of true remedy—a confession, I believe, that our richest visions are bound down.

I believe that if we can, step by small step, reach a distopia then we can just as easily walk towards utopia. Allowing kindness to shape technology is a relatively simple decision with unknowable benefits.

There are millions of us now who would happily support that decision and many creators and researchers that have put in decades of unique and solid study and invention in these new areas are available and willing to step forward.

Dr Karim did not have to rebuild the pylons. Structuring water is simple and the best place and time is where you are, right before you use it. We can begin where we are, applying effective remedies within the systems we have and then, will you join me in imagining a future where the British Standards Kite Mark and the CE mark mean that a device leaves the world a little better than before it was put there?

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