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It is normal these days for me to find little illustrated aphorisms in my Facebook feed that are variations on the theme of “religion is the cause of so much division, it causes wars and everyone who is religious is stupid. Be scientific instead. Better still be a materialist and an atheist, as they’re the cleverest of all.”

This point of view is fine if it floats your boat. It’s not mine but that’s not what this article is about. It is about the underlying assumption that science is a monolithic, single institution of truth and advanced thought, standing strong in a sea of lost, uninformed folk who spend their lives pointlessly begging an invisible guy to help them out.

The wise scientific priesthood are also caused to tut and shake their heads by those poor deluded researchers following the primrose-lined path through the woolly world of pseudoscience, a world where telepaths silently gossip about the memory of the water in the bowls of dogs who awake and wag their tails because they know that their owners, miles away, are getting in the car to head home to them.

Ah, the weight that must be borne by those who truly see…

What is never, ever mentioned is that science itself is cracked so dramatically down the middle that it is possible to argue—although I won’t do that here—that this schism has directly influenced more lives than the terrorism that is allegedly caused by differences in religious belief (please note that I am talking about the acts themselves and not the blanket-style political responses to terrorism.)

“The new physics tells us that matter is no more than a state of information.”

This quote from J. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the acknowledged parents of the atomic bomb, is as good a summation as any of the dizzying vista that opened up to science almost a century ago. This time, the beginning of the quantum age, must have been nothing short of bewildering to most scientists. Today, of course, it is still just as bewildering but we’ve learnt to live with it. Sort of.

So, where is science today? Well, of course, science has many, many directions of enquiry and the list of incredible things that we have discovered and made practical since then is endless. Our science is amazing and I have no intention here of belittling the scientific achievements that we all know about.

There is, of course, another long list that we regularly hear has been disproved and discarded as worthless. Much, undoubtedly, is just that. The great thing about science is, of course, that it’s just so wonderfully true, that we can travel the world confident that our dismissal of the existence of chakras, meridians, spirit bodies and the effectiveness of prayer is hard currency everywhere.

Isn’t it?

Well, no, it isn’t.

The rest of science

As my example I’m going to tell you of a tribe with a different scientific baseline. Okay, a tribe of 143.5 million people, approximately.

If you go to hospital in Russia, there’s a good chance that you will be briefly and non-invasively assessed using a technology called Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV). This computer based device will show the relative health states of your organs and the detailed functioning of your brain.

None of that sounds too unusual so far, does it?

It will also show your energy field. Don’t panic, they don’t call it an aura, they call it an energy field.

It can also show the strength and alignment of your chakras. They call these chakras, so you may want to panic now.

It works.

The GDV is so sensitive that it is routinely used to help prevent many disorders before there is a single physical symptom, only the beginnings of an energetic imbalance in the body.

Of course it works. It is the sharp end of many decades of research by thousands of highly intelligent scientists. Okay, lots of them speak mostly Russian (it is the Russian Academy of Sciences) but what conceivable difference would that make to their intelligence, insistence on efficacy and qualities of scientific pragmatism and experience? None at all, obviously. Only some kind of xenophobia would cause one to suggest otherwise, surely?

The usual input device (there are several for different applications) is a simple finger sensor, so it is also taking advantage of the holographic structure of the body as described in Eastern medicine since written records began.

So, really, the GDV is the sharp end of thousands of years of humanity’s insatiable curiosity about life and living. Please remember, I’m taking this device as an example, not the whole story.

Almost everything about the GDV fits into the endlessly expandable trash can labelled pseudoscience in the West. It can measure the effect of a good spiritual healer, the effect of an Indian prayer ceremony on an area of land and the energy at a sacred site. If you measure the energy in a room and then meditate in it, you can then see the change in the room’s energy afterwards, and the increase in coherence present in the very atoms.

Yes, it can even confirm in a few minutes that water holds memory, carries energy and is restored to health by vortexing and structuring. Don’t worry, I won’t mention homeopathy. Oops.

The reason why this technology should be interesting to all of us accustomed only to Western scientific models is the practical decisions that have been made as a result of these decades of study into what is generally called biophysics.

Russia has boycotted GMO foods, knows clearly and promotes the benefits of organic farming and teaches children in school the benefits of compassion, even for their food and water.

None of this is due to woolly thinking or pseudoscientific dogma. It is simply that they can show you the physics.

So, what are we missing out on in the West, a place where, currently, our “scientifically backed” relativism seems to suggest that all of these things are fluffy side issues, of most interest to the those such as the delusional religious folk and only because they don’t have anything of real weight to consider or any proper knowledge?

I would suggest that it is an immeasurable loss for every single citizen of a Western country. Our science is endlessly used as an excuse to become ever more swamped in a medical system that prioritises toxic chemicals and surgeries. Every morning the average Western woman puts 168 chemicals on their skin and there’s no science to suggest that it might be a bad idea. We constantly poison the land with chemicals and claim that it isn’t unbelievably stupid because there’s no science to prove it’s stupid.

Also, the amount of mental spasming that goes on in order to sound coherent in a scientific paradigm that deliberately excludes subjectivity, consciousness and the inevitable entanglement of living people is just plain embarassing, especially considering the educations and IQs involved. After all, if one thing is absolutely beyond debate it is that we are living people having a subjective experience due to consciousness.

Yes, biophysics can even handle the completely obvious.

Western science’s dogma is aggressively defended, as anyone who follows the progress of alternative research knows only too well.

The entirety of Western Mainstream media is informed by this specific scientific narrative. This means that it appears as the very landscape of our culture, even though it is only one possible interpretation of reality as we perceive it.

The really crazy thing about all of this nowadays is, of course, that all of this other information from other places in this one world is readily and easily available to all with a few minutes spare, a little curiosity and some typing ability, and yet still the major scientific spokespersons insist that it is woo-woo, imaginary, valueless piffle.

Try looking for yourself when you’ve finished reading this (but please make sure you’re getting the horse’s mouth, not the many, many planted naysayers on skeptical websites. You may have to skip the first page or two of Google results entirely. These guys are known as pseudoskeptics and many of them are paid to just discredit stuff. You can work out why for yourself. True skepticism is normal and healthy. It simply means that you don’t have enough information yet but will take new information into account. Pseudoskeptics won’t, and don’t and they never, ever enlarge their—professed—world views in the face of others’ experience or evidence. In fact, when their proof and experience is called out as non-existent they simply start throwing insults. Once you recognise it you’ll see it all over the place. You may find the links suggested at the end of this article extremely helpful regarding this, particularly Sharyl Atkisson’s excellent TEDx talk on astroturfing which is really required viewing for anyone in the 21st century as it goes way beyond just affecting scientific writings.)

I think that we should repurpose the word pseudoscience to something like: the practice of wilfully ignoring half of science. Clearly this would change dramatically the area where this label is applied!

It is interesting to note that almost everything that is welcomed in Western science is of a nature that means something in a lab but very little in our everyday, lived experience outside of that—unless it results in a saleable product that we will consume, that is. The insights gained through biophysics and related research, by contrast, very often contain extremely useful everyday insights that can potentially be applied by the man or woman in the street without buying anything from a big corporation. After all, nobody profits but you if you thank your food.


Things I am NOT saying!

I am emphatically not suggesting any of the following:

—that Russia is a perfect society, or close to it, that they have it all “figured out” or that Russia is somehow “better” than the West. Examples of many failings are present in ALL cultures and all people. We’re all learning.

—that Western science or scientists are unintelligent, lack pragmatism, or are in any way inferior, only that the areas of study that are easily financed and that are generally researched and publicised are of a particular type that excludes half of the picture. This missing part is crucial for a complete scientific understanding of our reality and especially of our place within it.

—that the West’s scientific history is valueless. On the contrary, I have cause to be grateful for it every day as, I’m sure, do you.

that the East is the only place that this research goes on or that the East/West division is a strictly accurate one. Neither is true. Indeed, many western countries have researchers working on biophysics, the nature of energy, the endless mysteries of water and more, but this is largely independent and is either unreported or is openly attacked or ridiculed by the mainstream scientific media.


Here are some useful links regarding issues raised in this article. Much more information is around but these should get you started.

Please watch Sharyl Atkisson’s talk, even if the rest of them are not of interest. Everything from herbs to homeopathy to compassionate political movements are affected by astroturfing’s negative spin. Not knowing it is like not being able to distinguish the news from the ad break on TV.

Astroturf and manipulation of media messages
Excellent TEDx talk by Sharyl Attkisson about the practice of astroturfing, or false grass-roots opinion. Recognising this is truly a required core skill for doing any serious research on the internet.

Interview with Konstantin Korotkov
A fascinating interview with Konstantin Korotkov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who is the principal developer of the GDV technology and holds many patents in biophysics research. Wide ranging and, I found, very moving at times.
Excellent website set up by a number of prominent scientists, including Rupert Sheldrake, Dean Radin and Larry Dossey. They are flying the flag for open minded research and revealing the smokescreen that obscures a far more interesting picture from the general public in the West.
Korotkov’s website, with many papers regarding the GDV and related research.—our founder
Introduction to the work of Fritz Popp, the German biophysicist who coined the term biophotons, the living light particles that all living systems contain and need in order to function and the basis for the measurements made by the GDV.

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