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water: what's missing?

Water at its best is refreshing, reviving and moreish but today water is burdened as never before and few of us experience it in its best capacity.

How does nature revive water to the quality that emerges out of the best natural springs? How do we turn it into mountain stream water without a mountain?


Water dances. In nature it doesn't travel linear pipes but spins round stones, vortexes left and right, spins in spins. As it dances it remembers its nature and it sheds tension. Energy is released, as light (bio-photons, living-light). This Earth can rebalance itself over and over so that life can thrive here, even after extreme toxicity and cataclysm. Water embodies that same intelligence.

pot of rain

Animals are very alert to water's energy, which is why they will often choose to drink from a pot of rain rather than a dish of tap water. Our human sense of this quality is mostly dormant from under-use. It makes good sense to be aware of this energy, as photons are food, whether in fresh raw veg or fresh living water. We eat to get trapped sunlight. This energy is available instantly from good water, without any processing effort by the body.

single file

Our bodies' cells only admit a single file train of water molecules, with each molecule's associated energetic information. The water enters through the aquaporin channel and the energy through the ion channel. Nothing physical or electrical can enter these channels, only the water molecule which then leaves again with the trash from the cell. This is the only way that your cells are fed—a water molecule carrying information. The physical apple leaves your body and the energy of it feeds the cells.

The energised or structured molecules are in tiny clusters of half a dozen instead of in tens of thousands or more, as is common in most modern water sources including expensive bottled waters. These tiny clusters open up and enter the cell instantly, providing instant hydration.

Hydration takes energy. If the water turns up without any energy, clustered and tense, our energy has to break the big molecule clusters down. It's a full time job. If one day's hydration effort for an average adult was available as electricity output, you could light a whole house with it for a month! This was a result of a study concerning the average 35 year old western person.

When the water brings the energy instead that load vanishes from the body and hydration happens instantly. From the first drink of structured water the body instantly experiences both relief from the processing load and a receiving of energy. For many people these gifts are felt thoughout their whole being.



I've used two technologies to transform the water in my narrowboat home. I knew that the solution to tap water sitting in a tank was energy, not filtering. Also, these energy solutions take no refills, power or maintenance and have no moving parts. They simply work. In that respect they are incomparable value.

Centre for Implosion Research

The first solution was from The Centre For Implosion Research, based in Devon, Great Britain. Their Vortex Energisers and small Personal Harmonisers are very good value and produce remarkable changes in taste and texture of water in their vicinity. The Personal Harmoniser can be worn or used to energise a small body of water or several drinks and the food around a table, for instance. The small spirals were enough for my boat, as unlike a house, the water system is closed. Even a small field effect will transform all of the water.

The small or large spirals are filled with highly vortex-energised water and this water produces a sufficiently strong field effect to change water nearby to a similar lively character. Water does this naturally if it is healthy enough, as a waterfall in a forest has an enlivening effect on its environment, which many people can sense.

I used a couple of the small Personal Harmonisers on the water tank and taps, like you can see in the picture. The water from the tap was instantly different. Much softer. For an hour or two it tasted a tiny bit musty but then after that it became clear and fresh and just vastly more lovely.

With these left in place my water at home has tasted great from then on.

Then, a few years later…

Natural Action Technologies

…I heard an interview with Clayton Nolte, founder of Natural Action Technologies. I remembered reading amazing testimonials on his units and I was deeply impressed by hearing the man himself. I bought a NAT Dynamically Enhanced Portable Water Structuring Unit.

The Portable is basically gravity powered—you pour water in the top and it comes out the bottom. The NAT units are flow-forms that your usual source of water passes through. Installed versions fit in like pipe. The water spins in both directions an uncountable number of times within a few inches of tube length. Nothing moves inside the unit except the water (or air) and the reviving, balancing and relaxing is provided by the water's own motion with itself.

Researcher and creator Clayton Nolte found that any attempt to use non-natural methods such as electricity or magnets to improve the water always created a loss. It came down just to the dance, and to provide water a venue where that could happen really, really well.

The geometry of the units is very precise and the vortexing inside the few inches of chamber is enough to provide the equivalent in the water of around 3 miles of mountain stream. This is only achieved by having no measurable entropy, or chaos, in the flow thanks to the maths of the chamber inside. This means no loss of energy. It is an astounding feat of design.



The benefits to adding the Centre for Implosion Research Personal Harmoniser spirals included fresh tasting water with no chlorine taste, water that is a pleasure to drink and look at. Also, to my complete surprise, large amounts of calcium scale falling off of my kettle within 3 days. The water's ionisation changes, so that particles that attracted each other now repel. This starts to reverse calcium build-up regardless of how much is in the water.

Water appeared obviously clearer even down to the bottom of my boat's water tank. Now I never get a drop in water quality or clarity as the tank gets low and I only know when the tap sputters. This is because the surface tension of the water has dropped so much that nothing is held in suspension any more but sinks to the bottom instead. In this way a filter becomes unnecessary in many cases.

pints and pints

In June 2013 I got the Natural Action Technologies Portable Unit and started using it. A big change was immediately apparent. On the first day, in a warm English summer that I spent working in the sun, I must have easily drunk over 20 pints of water. That was a first. Same the next day, and the next. It was like simply inhaling water. Each pint would dissolve inside me and I couldn't get enough and yet I was also feeling hydrated for the first time that I could recall.

This water quickly brought clearer thinking, much more energy, deeper sleep, clearer dreams, pains disappearing, skin clearing, and even consistently better mood. I have worked one-on-one with one person for 20 or so hours each week for 10 years, and she was prompted to buy a unit herself just from observing the changes in me. The benefits continue to unfold over time as older dehydration is undone.


It has been reported by many people that the Portable Unit, especially combined with a Shower Unit, gives the freedom to travel and use tap water even in places like Mexico and India with no ill effects. I've used my Portable regularly to structure a 10 feet by 20 feet outdoor hot pool. Once it's been over one of the inlets for a few seconds it becomes possible to swim underwater with open eyes and have no reaction to the chemicals, which are still in there but structured. It becomes extremely relaxing in there too, and it's often clear that other visitors are having a particularly nice time. It's a simple, repeatable test, with the bonus that you can comfortably stay in the pool for ages. I forgot the Portable one time only. Bleurgh.

The unit is also so near indestructable that you'd have to really work hard to stop it doing its job right and it has a lifetime warranty. My Portable Unit is always with me and bears a boisterous life with no ill effects. Inline units are also sold. I have added an Under-Sink Unit in the water pipe at home which works for my whole on-board water system including the shower. I know several people who are using these small units as whole house units for smaller English houses and flats.


The NAT units are profound devices. The Natural Action Technologies Portable unit is my nomination for the one product everyone should own, should anyone ask.

Clayton's mission is to see a structuring unit in every household on Earth in his lifetime.

What does each unit provide?

Each unit is a source of structured water and its energy fields and the benefit in billions of these sources is unimaginable.

Complete negation of all energetic toxicity and complete reviving of energetic nutritional values in the water all of the time—remember, only the energy of chlorine or anything else can enter the cell.

Excellent value. Lifetime dependability, excepting very extreme pressure or heat or water freezing inside the unit. Zero running costs, whether portable or installed. Portable is dishwasher proof. Lifetime warranty. Three months money-back guarantee to test it with.

Can structure other stuff, via drops, spraying or soaking—fruit, veg, meat, fish, paint, coffee, wine, whisky, whiskey, petrol, you, your face, your feet etc

Portable (or any non-installed unit) can structure a bath, structure multiple times and also structure air and breath. Structured breathing instantly brings the brain into full, balanced regulation. Restores normal physiological functioning even at high altitude and after shock or trauma.

Balancing and energising not only for water and you but pets and the surroundings, wildlife, plants and the connected water inwards and outwards.

Each unit fosters a new, or old, deep gratitude for water and, therefore, life. Happy cells thank automatically.

Multiple units produce greater energy.

to sum up


The emerging new study of water is very rich, one that involves the harmony we feel in our bodies and our brain's organ regulation as much as it does surface tension, molecular clusters and hydrogen bond angles. Researchers from many countries confirm over and over again that water is perhaps the primary physical transmitter of energetic information around this planet and that the key aspect of water health is energetic, not chemical.

Researchers are also proving over and over that our own field of energy changes water's energy and information. Outside of the labs, increasing numbers of people are now enjoying a life that includes the constant reviving presence of healthy, lively water and the feeling of gratitude that arises automatically from the cells and so is never forgotten.

If you'd like to know more, please check out the links in the other column for more resources. Water is a huge subject to explore and provides amazing insights into our lives as nature, and also nature being centred in qualities that we must call divine.

In the words of Clayton Nolte,

“Structuring helps water to fulfil its destiny and water's destiny is to help mankind to fulfil its destiny.”

I'm also pleased to be able to offer a gateway here for ordering Natural Action Technologies units at the best prices, with fast, free shipping worldwide and including a free 30 day email course called Water Magic 101, which immerses you in new ways of understanding water.

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